How to upgrade Kubernetes cluster on AWS using KOPS

In the last blog, we discussed about how to install a Kubernetes cluster on AWS using KOPS. If you have missed it please review how-to-deploy-kubernetes-cluster-on-aws-using-kops. In this blog post, I will discuss about how we can upgrade the kubernetes nodes using KOPS.


  • kops cli installed
  • aws cli installed
  • kubectl installed
  • Kubernetes cluster created using kops

Run kops get cluster to make a note of the kubernetes cluster name

From the below screenshot, we see that the Kubernetes version we are on is 1.12.8.

Upgrading Kubernetes version using KOPS

You can upgrade the Kubernetes nodes by following the below steps. Run kops get cluster command to make a note of the cluster name

Step 1: Edit the cluster

Run the edit command and update the kubernetes version. I have updated it as kubernetesVersion: 1.15.0.

kops edit cluster

Step 2: Update the cluster

Run the below command and update the cluster

kops update cluster --yes

Step 3: Rolling update

Cluster changes require instances to be restarted. Run the below command to do rolling update.

kops rolling-update cluster

Kubernetes rolling cluster upgrade is now completed. You can run kubectl get nodes to confirm the version of the nodes.

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