How to disable Bosh Resurrector in TKGi

Bosh resurrection is one of the amazing features that are available in the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated environment. Recently, I was working on an issue on the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated environment and learned something new. I thought it might help someone else and hence writing it down here. What is BOSH Resurrector ? The... Continue Reading →

TKGI Cluster creation fails with error “1 of 7 pre-start scripts failed. Failed Jobs: pks-nsx-t-prepare-master-vm”

One of the commonly reported issues in TKGI is cluster creation fail with error 1 of 7 pre-start scripts failed. Failed Jobs: pks-nsx-t-prepare-master-vm. In this blog post, we will see more about the issue. Symptoms: Bosh tasks fails with the below error Task 305253 | 02:58:24 | Updating instance master: master/6415b432-ccc2-4faa-89c8-911914cb9d44 (0) (canary) (00:02:16) L... Continue Reading →

Accessing Bosh Director using API

In our last blog post, we saw how to create a read-only client in bosh director which can be used by monitoring or reporting system. In this blog post, we will try to use that user and run some API calls to pull some data from the bosh director. In my lab environment, I have... Continue Reading →

Integration: Harbor with External LDAP

In this blog, we will see how to integrate Harbor with external LDAP.Note: Authentication mode in harbor can only be updated during initial installation. To change this, you will have to re-install the harbor vm. Update Harbor Tile: Login to the operations manager and select the harbor tile Go to settings > Authentication and select... Continue Reading →

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