Integration : VMware Enterprise PKS with vRealize Operations Manager

VMware vRealize Operations Manager delivers intelligent operations management with application-to-storage visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Using data collected from system resources, vRealize Operations Manager identifies issues in any monitored system component, often before the customer notices a problem. vRealize Operations Manager also frequently suggests corrective actions you can take to fix the problem... Continue Reading →

How to Change the Ops Manager Passphrase

Ops Manager comes with a security feature, when configuring it, you are required to set the "Decryption passphrase value". The passphrase is used as a key to encrypt and decrypt the installation information. Recently one of my customer asked how he can reset the OpsMan passphrase. In this blog post we will see how to... Continue Reading →

How to change the vCenter Server’s FQDN

In this blog post, I will discuss about one of the much awaited feature requests of vSphere admins. Ever since vcenter was introduced, every vSphere admins wanted to know if we can change the vCenter server PNID (Primary Network ID). However, it was not supported in the earlier versions of vcsa. With the release of... Continue Reading →

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