Tanzu create plugin missing in internet restricted environment

After creating TKG management cluster, I noticed an issue where the create plugin is not available. When I run tanzu command I do not see an option to create workload clusters.

When you run tanzu plugin list command, we see only few plugins that are installed initially, as in the below screenshot.

Normally the additional plugins get installed as soon as the management cluster creation is successful. You can try running tanzu plugin sync command to manually download and install the additional plugin.

From the above screenshot, Error: ["cluster" plugin verification failed: untrusted registry detected. This is because we are using self-signed certificates on the harbor. Hence we should set TKG_CUSTOM_IMAGE_REPOSITORY_CA_CERTIFICATE. Provide the CA certificate in base64-encoded format.

tanzu config set env.TKG_CUSTOM_IMAGE_REPOSITORY custom-image-repository.io/yourproject 

tanzu config set env.TKG_CUSTOM_IMAGE_REPOSITORY_CA_CERTIFICATE base64encoded-harbor-ca-cert

You can get the base64 encoded format by running the below command.

base64 -w 0 ca.crt

Once the tanzu config is set with the correct values, you can run the tanzu plugin sync command and it should complete successfully.

You can also run the tanzu commands to see all the available options after the plugin is installed.

This is a short blog and a simple one. I hope it helps someone with their tanzu journey. Thank you for reading the blog and if it helped, feel free to share it with others. Happy learning! 🙂

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