How to SSH into TKGm deployed nodes

In the earlier blogs, we have seen TKG multi-cloud deployment on the vSphere environment. It would be always great if we know how to do some basic troubleshooting with the deployment if it fails or gets stuck in the middle. This blog post is going to be a short one and we will see how we can SSH into the TKG deployed nodes for any troubleshooting.

In order to SSH into the TKG deployed nodes, You need to use the ‘capv‘ user and your SSH key. An SSH key is something you would have created as a part of preparing for the TKG deployment. For reference, you may look into this Create an SSH key pair section in this blog .

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa capv@<IP_ADDRESS_OF_TKG_NODE>

For details, you can review the below screenshot.

Now we have successfully SSH into the node tkg-wld-control-plane-xbnh9.

You can run crictl command to see the containers running inside the TKG node

You can also run kubectl commands from the control plane node with the help of the kubeconfig file available at /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf.

You can now explore further troubleshooting from the control plane nodes and also start reviewing some of the logs. I hope this blog post helped you!

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