How to Change the Ops Manager Passphrase

Ops Manager comes with a security feature, when configuring it, you are required to set the “Decryption passphrase value”. The passphrase is used as a key to encrypt and decrypt the installation information. Recently one of my customer asked how he can reset the OpsMan passphrase. In this blog post we will see how to reset the Passphrase for the Ops Manager.


If you forget the decryption password, there is nothing you or the support team can do to recover it. The passphrase cannot be recovered as it is not a password that is stored in the database. Because of the nature of encryption, there’ is no way to recover Ops Manager without having the passphrase.

Reset Passphrase :

To reset the passphrase of Ops Man, login to the ops manager GUI with the admin account you have created during configuration.

Once you have logged in to the Ops manager, click on the drop down next to the username and then click settings as in the below screenshot.

In the change decryption passphrase window, update the old passphrase. Also provide the new passphrase that you would want to set. Repeat the new passphrase to make sure you have entered it correctly.

Once done, click on the change decryption passphrase button as below to save the settings.

Once the passphrase is updated, you will see the confirmation as below.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if you forget the passphrase, you may end up in re-installing the OpsManager. So make sure you take multiple backups of the Passphrase that is set in your environment.

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