How to install Operations Manager for VMware Enterprise PKS

In this blog post, I will share step by step information about how to install and configure Pivotal Operations Manager for your PKS environment. OpsMan provides a set of APIs and a graphical interface to manage the deployment and upgrade of components like bosh and pks api vm. In addition to it, it also helps in deploying and managing Enterprise Class Container Registry like VMware Harbor.

Operations manager is available to download as an OVA. If you have not already downloaded the ova file, please go to and click on Operations manager tab. This will take you to Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager page. Download the ‘Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager for vSphere’ OVA file.

Once you have the OpsMan ova file downloaded, go to the vcenter and select deploy OVF template. Browse the ova file and click next

Select name and location for the OpsMan vm and click next

Click next on review details page. Select the storage and the disk format, click next

Select the network for the OpsMan and click next

Provide the deployment properties and click on Finish.

You can see the OpsMan OVA is deploying now in your vCenter. Once the deployment is completed, power on the OpsMan virtual machine.

Configuring the Operations Manager:

Open any browser and Access Ops Manager Web UI using: https://<opsman-fqdn-or-IP-address>/

Configure the authentication system for the Ops Manager. Click on Internal Authentication

Configure the admin account for OpsMan

You will now see the authentication system is getting configured and waiting to start

Once completed, you will be able to see the welcome page where you can login to OpsMan using the admin account you just created.

Once logged into the operations manager, you will see the bosh director for vSphere tile available by default.

Note: The Bosh director tile is yet to be configured. For more details, please review  How-To-Configure-Bosh-Director-For-vSphere.

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